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Sinkit is on a mission to restore the carbon cycle and stabilize our climate by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Our goal is to realize at least 55 carbon removal projects by 2030.

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Sinkit membership

In an interconnected world, we believe that it is important that all stakeholders are part of our mission. Therefore, Sinkit is organized as a cooperative, which means that everyone with a shared vision and mission can become a member of Sinkit. For a yearly contribution of €120,-, you can join the carbon removal movement. We'll update you on our projects, give you first access to carbon credits, and invite you to our annual members' event.

Club of 100

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Sinkit is a cooperation that serves multiple stakeholders: the Planet, future generations, employees and investors. You can become one of the hundred Carbon-Sinkers that grows our movement and impact. You’ll get the first opportunity to invest in our carbon removal projects, become part of and use our partner network and get a fair return on your investment.

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You’re probably here because you know we need to remove a lot of CO2 from our atmosphere if we want to have a chance of limiting dangerous levels of global warming. It’s a huge task and might feel overwhelming. But together we can move mountains. If you want to partner with us, develop projects together or join our team, don’t wait or hesitate: get in touch! Time is our only challenge.


Reduce your footprint

Sinkit provides a carbon offsetting platform to help you take control of your carbon footprint. We offer high quality carbon removal credits to companies and individuals that have set ambitious climate goals and want to take action to reach those goals.