Carbon Removal: A quick guide through the why, what and how.

Carbon Removal

We all know this is the decade of action. We need to slash our footprint fast, and ignite true carbon removal solutions. Responsible organisations should follow this three step approach on climate action:

1. There should be a full focus using less energy and materials. After all, everything you don't use, doesn't have to be made or generated.

The energy and materials that are used should come from zero emission sources, like renewable energy and from circular streams. To be in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, the CO2 footprint should be halved by 2030.

The third element is compensation of the remaining emissions. Given the consequences of carbon emissions, cleaning them up is a logical solution.

Therefore, if climate change is a serious concern to you and you believe that removing CO2 from the atmosphere to compensate for your (historic) emissions is the least you can do: get involved in our mission or get in touch.

Are you interested in Carbon Removals and do you want to learn more about it? Then our guide is for you. Download it below!


The Carbon Ecosystem Specialist


The Carbon Ecosystem Specialist

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