Sargassum: a carbon sink?

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Sargassum seaweed has exploded in growth in recent years with millions of tons now washing up across Caribbean coastlines every year. The race is on to turn this environmental problem into a climate solution.

Rather than letting this biomass decompose onshore, many companies and governments are looking for solutions to safely dispose of or efficiently process Sargassum at scale. With few successful valorization methods developed to date, Sinkit evaluated several novel proposals for processing Sargassum - with a strict emphasis on carbon removal.

In this white paper, we showcase our findings surrounding both the feasibility of sinking Sargassum offshore to lock away carbon in the deep sea, and processing Sargassum into biochar to create a stable carbon material. We encourage others to challenge our findings and collaborate with us as we continue to search for suitable processing strategies!

Are you a Sargassum expert? Or do you want to understand the possibility to use it as a carbon sink? Then our white paper is for you. Download it below!

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Sargassum white paper

Daniel Balutowski

Project Developer

Daniel Balutowski

Project Developer

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